Saturday, December 27, 2008

Big sister

Gentry came to the hospital this morning to meet her baby sister, Harlow. She was very curios of the baby. She sat on the bed with her for awhile, and just stared at her and pointed out her toes and diaper. Harlow and I are both doing very well. She is nursing and I am recovering quickly from the c-section. 


Amber said...

Hannah, you look so great! I'm glad you feel like the recovery is already getting better...that was the worst! I'd love to come by and see you if you're still there tonight! I'll call excited for you friend! Congrats! She's just adorable!

Mike and Jess said...

Congrats to you guys!! Harlow is beautiful, and you all look like you're doing great!

Jason Seville said...

What a cute family! (I got this link from your Facebook page).

I'm stalking you guys now. :)

Diane said...

Oh, what wonderful pictures!!!
Just so happy for you all~!!!

Diane (in Siloam Springs, AR)