Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Crested Butte

In this one big huge post will be lots of little posts of all the fun things we did in Crested Butte! Alex's family has a few cabins about 10 miles out of town. It is so fun and relaxing to get out into the mountains and just play! So below are some pics and narrative of our fun week!


There are so many places to hike, whether you are a wuss like me, when it comes to hiking or a hiking "guru". Gentry and I stuck to the "wussy" hikes, being it was Gentry's first time ever hiking! And let me tell you, "crocs" may be the newest thing for hiking! I know they are nerdy, but they are the easiest things to slip on her at this age! So, although they are the wal-mart brand, I have fallen victim!

Until Gentry figured out she was going to trip over every rock or limb on the ground, and needed to "watch" where she was walking, this is how she spent most of her time!

She loves walking in anything that splashes!

The 4th of July!!

We started out the 4th making these yummy cookies! The kids loved decorating them, but as you can tell, ate 2 cookies for every 1 they actually put sprinkles on!
Then we went into town for the CB parade, and ended up missing the parade, because we got there too late. Sad. But, again, Gentry found some nasty water to splash around in. Whatever, it was hot and she had fun!
And of course "fireworks" for the kids. The classic "poppers" and streamer shooty things (i have no idea what they are called!) By any means, it was a fun-filled day, that I am sure Gentry has already forgotten! Good thing I take lots of pics!
I found that G had climbed onto the table to get into the icing. Surprising?! Absolutely not!

OK, that's all the posting energy I have right now, but I'll post a few other cute things later!

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Diane said...

I LOVE these pictures!!!
Sounds like you had so much fun!!!
Gentry is adorable. I love her little pony-tails.
You are blessed!!!

Diane (for Dale, too)