Friday, May 23, 2008

Gentry's One Year Pics

So, Gentry is almost 15 months now, and i am just getting around to posting her "one year" pictures. But actually, I just got them from Emily, who took them when we were in Orlando. Anyhow, they are too cute, and i can't wait to frame a couple!
She is a camera snob. She doesn't like to smile at the camera, you have to catch her off guard. And now she is starting to turn the opposite way and run when she sees the camera! Just her way of showing some independence i guess!! So, we only got a couple of pics of her smiling, but they are all still cute!
I uploaded the rest into the Picasa Web Album, which you can see by clicking on "Knecht Family Pics" on the right of the screen!

This is her "Are you kidding me?" face.

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