Sunday, April 6, 2008

Down on the Farm.

Alex has been out of town this weekend, skiing. So Gentry and I have had to keep ourselves entertained! We spent some time at a farm here in town. Gentry can make a "moo" sound, it's really cute! But the cutest one is her monkey sound. She has a book of animals, and when we get to the monkey page, she goes crazy. Gentry is really taking a liking to animals. Her new thing is wrestling with Effie, and she tried picking up a friends' cat! That didn't go over so well!

We went to the farm with our great friends, Kayt, Rafe, and Benson. Rafe is 13 months older than Gentry and Gentry is 8 months older than Benson. Rafe and Gentry "play" pretty well together. As you can see, Gentry hasn't quite mastered the slide!

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