Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Snow

You can always count on a spring snow here in Colorado. Just when you think spring is actually here to stay, BAM.... comes 2 inches of snow. I do think the snow is pretty and provides much needed moisture, but I will take sun and heat any day over slushy cold snow. Not to fear, the weather here is bipolar, and most likely the snow will be gone tomorrow with highs in the 60's!

I will be adding some before and after photos of our house projects on picasa. If you care to look, just click on the right hand side of the blog "Knecht Family Pictures" I have decided to pace myself on projects. I was getting way overwhelmed and frustrated that things weren't "done" Well, yeah right, this house will probably never be "done", so I decided it a good idea to, oh, i don't know, eat and sleep, rather than always working! Just me to be a busy body, though!


CarolC said...

Hi Hannah,
Thank you so much for sharing your blessed family with us!!! Gentry is just as cute as she can be. I can tell you truly love motherhood. It is a gift from God to be sure! Hope to see you next time we're all in CO.!
Carol Chen!!!

emily said...

great pictures hannah!