Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dinner Time Battle: Pancakes vs. Vegetables

If you know Gentry, you know that any mealtime is never a battle. This girl can eat any toddler under the table. So the "dinner time battle" i am talking about was not a battle to get Gentry to eat, it was more a battle between what was on her plate: pancakes vs. vegetables. I gave gentry her plate with green beans, olives, and chic peas on one side; the other side : mini-pancakes with grape jelly, any little kids dream. It took her about a minute to finish off the vegetables, the pancakes, no such luck. She licked one of the pancakes, and set it back down. I ripped a little piece off thinking maybe she wanted it in smaller pieces. Oh no, she was having no mini-pancakes with grape jelly. She refused the mini-pancakes with jelly. All along, i am eating chicken noodle soup, and like a perfectly hypocritical mom, am not eating the carrots or celery. So, i spoon them onto Gentry's plate. GONE...and she is begging for more. WHAT?! Is this girl normal? Clearly the vegetables won this battle. I've got to get this girl into sweets, who knows, maybe she's going to be a vegan.

Not to mention, she sucked with a straw the remaining broth from my soup. Seriously!

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